One Way Foundation

Creating opportunities for immigrants and refugees.


At One Way Ventures, we invest in immigrant founders. But because our bottom line is financial, we only invest in the strongest immigrants.

However, we believe in equality of opportunity, and we recognize the playing field is not level in this regard. We believe in immigrants, and we know they have the grit and resilience necessary in order to prosper, but are often hindered by artificial barriers. So this year, we set out to impact immigrants who have not had the same opportunities as the founders we invest in. In partnership with the Boston Foundation, we created and launched the One Way Foundation. 

The One Way Foundation focuses on identifying and supporting nonprofit organizations that serve immigrants and their communities on a local, national, and international level. We are committed to supporting a variety of organizations without regard to a particular geographic location. Our focus is on building a world full of opportunity and support regardless of borders or national origin. 

The Partners at One Way Ventures have pledged to donate a portion of the fund profits to the foundation, and we encourage our investors, partners, and team members to engage with this effort and contribute to this important initiative as well.

The One Way Foundation is housed as a donor-advised fund at The Boston Foundation, one of the nation’s oldest and largest community foundations. Visit our page to learn more or donate by clicking on the button below.